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Himzi.me is a Liker exchange system also known as Facebook auto liker which gives free Facebook auto Liker to your public posts without any cost. Himzi Auto Liker is spam free and one of the best auto liker website available.

Himzi.me - Himzi Auto Liker help you to increase Facebook Likes and Reactions on your Post, Picture, Videos, Shares, and other Facebook's post.

Instant Liker
You can increase your Facebook status, photo and video Liker by using our auto liker.
Our website also helps you get tons of Liker on your public Facebook posts without any cost.
Absolutely Free
You can use any of our auto liker service with no exchange of money.
Himzi Auto Liker has been offering a free service since years, you can delete your account anytime by contacting us.
You do not have to pay to get Liker, reactions etc.
Safe & Secure
Any information you enter here is highly secure & safe in our auto liker.
You can rest assured, no picture of disclosure, no selling of your data, no logging unwanted data.
No need to take the trouble of deleting unwanted posts.

New Tutorial Himzi Auto Liker

  • Click Here and go to auto liker token page and generate access token and paste it into the below input box.
  • Enter your information correctly and then generate token.
  • Before clicking login button, you must read our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy of our auto liker (Himzi Auto Liker)!

    How to use Himzi Auto Liker

  • The method for logging in is through Facebook access token.
  • Change Facebook followers setting, set "Who Can Follow Me" to Public.
  • The minimum age required to access is 18, to change your date of brith, go to FB About section and then "BASIC INFORMATION".
  • Change Facebook posting privacy, Set "Who can see your future posts?" to Public.
  • Need help while using our himzi auto liker?

    Are you a new user to Himzi Auto Liker and do not know how to use it? Don't worry, we will help you out.
    We've created a step by step tutorial about "How to use Himzi Auto Liker", just see the tutorial on the Youtube and then you'll get familiar with our auto liker.
    If you still face any problem after reading the tutorial, contact us through our given e-mail.

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